Brighter Tomorrow is committed to providing education for the upcoming generation of Afghan children. Through our humanitarian and advocacy work, we are working every day to create a better tomorrow for afghan youth.

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How do you rebuild a country?


Brighter Tomorrow is a charitable association, founded by the Ehsas Brothers in 2014. Our vision is to contribute access to necessary tools for youth in Afghanistan, to build up the democracy in the country.

We work on humanitarian grounds through the “Students Campaign”/Studentaksjonen - which aims to educate Afghan youth through yearly fundraiser. Over the past two national fundraisers, we mobilized 1 400 volunteers in 7 different cities. We raised 1.750.000 kroner, which ensured that 1 750 Afghan youth in Faryab have been schooled. For 2018, we are planning to double our results. Our new partner for Studentaksjonen is Norwegian Refugee Council.

The association also works with advocacy work, in order to strengthen political commitment towards developing work in Afghanistan. We accomplish this by inviting key players with a strong influence to debates. We participate in parliamentary hearings, with the intention to influence the will of action of decision makers. The organization has been in debates at respective bodies of UN, in which we report our concern regarding the development in Afghanistan, and especially when it comes to education.

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