Brighter Tomorrow is committed to providing education for the upcoming generation of Afghan children. Through cutting edge technology, in addition to our humanitarian and advocacy work, we are working every day to create a better tomorrow for Afghan youth.

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How do you rebuild a country?


Brighter Tomorrow is a charitable association, founded by the Ehsas Brothers in 2014.

We believe that every child has right to quality education. We have thus ensured the education of more than 2 200 children in Afghanistan, and developed the very first EdTech-plattform in Afghanistan – both in Pashto and Dari.

We have installed our software in tablets with headsets in a public school in Kabul, and as of September 2019, 200 students are enrolled in this EdTech gamebased-literacy program.

Our message is simple; our work is not charity, but ensuring the unalienable rights Afghan children has in pursuing their education, their dreams and ambitions.

This message has mobilized more than 2 500 student volunteers across 7 cities, raised NOK 2.2 million ($235 668 USD), and has had a reach of more than 10 million readers and viewers in press; published in HuffPost, El País, BBC Afghanistan, Aftenposten, NRK etc.

We participate in political arenas with high-level decision makers in order to enhance international efforts in the development of Afghanistan.

Our CEO is a three time UN Youth Delegate, and we have fought extensively for the UN, UN missions and the Norwegian MFA to enhance their guidelines on contemporary policies regarding youth in conflict zones. This has included being in a panel discussion with former UNSG Ban Ki Moon, former Director-General of UNESCO, and proposing these guidelines during several Norwegian parliamentaryhearings – one of them which led to an increased allocation of NOK 25 million to girls right to education in Afghanistan.

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